At last - A towbar designed for trucks to tow caravans and trailers.

It's here - The newest, the safest, the smoothest towbar on the market. Protect your asset - A towing system that uses air to ensure your valuable asset glides smoothly over the roughest surfaces. It is designed with a unique ability to instantly sense and adjust required pressure to remove all sudden impact and jarring from stress points on your caravan or trailer. It is professionally engineered and manufactured and looks great on your truck.

Massive benefits of using the Airglide Towbar:

  • No need for expensive over weight, bulky caravans/trailers. Significantly improves the life of even the lightest built caravans/trailers.
  • Significantly reduces impact on chasis and running gear of caravan/trailers.
  • Ensures that you have a safe journey. Run-away caravans/trailers are very dangerous.
  • Significantly reduces damage to internal structures and fittings of caravan/trailer.
  • No need for big heavy “A frames” and hitches on towed vehicles.
  • Can use lighter/less expensive trailer and give more load capacity.
  • Reduces damage and stress to the load of the trailer.
  • Fully certified and legal – may provide better insurance and warranty possibilities.

Load Rating - Current models have a load rating Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) 4 000 kG. Presently working on new model with heavier towing capacity (ATM).

Certification - Fully certified to meet the requirements of Australian Design Rule 62-02 Mechinical connections between vehicles. Mechanical tested by certified engineers.

Sizes - Airglide Towbars currently has two sizes available a model to fit trucks with 16 inch wheels and a model to fit trucks with 20 inch wheels.

Warranty - Airglide Towbars come with a parts and labour warranty (conditions apply). Tried and proven over 5 years of testing.

Workmanship - We have been in the design, manufacturing and welding business for over 30 years. The company specialises in design, building and repair of transport equipment and has built everything from campervans to the heaviest transport equipment. We have built a reputation as the only place to go for specialised welding requirements.

Fitting - Airglide Towbars are designed in a kit form that is fairly simple to fit. It comes with a professional instructional booklet and can be fitted by us or by yourself. If you live in Queensland and the vehicle has a GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) of 4.5 tonne or greater it will require to be inspected by an authorised officer and be fitted with the appropriate modification plate. In all other States or Territories please contact the appropriate state transport authorities.

Price - $3,200.00 plus GST. Packaging and delivery charges apply. Fitting extra, if required.

This will be the best investment you will ever make to protect your asset and ensure you have a safe journey.
For further enquiries please contact us.

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